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Assessment and monitoring

Our experience and team of professionals enable us to engage in continuous, close monitoring of language training projects.

Our assessment considers your needs and new challenges that might arise.

We are on hand to be able to conduct an exhaustive linguistic diagnosis and draft proposals based on starting levels, target levels, competences to work on and the time each participant has available.

We draft monthly performance reports including data on commitment and progress made.

Flexibility and adaptation to demands

Monitoring is key so you can reach your goals, since needs can vary from one day to the next and it is necessary to remain agile to detect them and make changes to the training plans.

Different learning formats.

Classroom-based practice is combined with remote practice and online contents for individual work.

The use of a combination of different formats made possible by ICT means that distance and time are no longer obstacles, but rather challenges in language training.

What our customers like about us:

Fast project management

The efforts we have made in our marketing processes enable us to quickly define training plans, implement projects and manage any incidents.

Content customization

We define and create customized plans at the levels, in the sectors and at the positions of responsibility held by those participating in our projects.

Certifications that endorse us

The Golden Q Quality certification is our main assurance of quality. Moreover, since we are a Cambridge test preparation center, we have properly trained professionals with vast experience.

Our R&D department

Our in-house technical team enables us to create customized developments to meet the needs of companies.


The endorsement of a leading group

MondragonLingua forms part of the Engineering and Business Services Division of MONDRAGON.


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