Spanish courses in Bilbao

Not just a Spanish course

MondragonLingua Bilbaooffers a variety of Spanish programs that adapt to the needs of different groups and individuals. Our main objective is to to offerhigh-quality language training so that our students can communicate effectively in Spanish.

Your course will end up being an unforgettable experience

Spanish Program

In-person Intensive Courses


  • Small groups: Maax. 8 people per class.
  • Age: 17 and older.
  • Levels:: Beginner (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2) y advanced (C1)
  • Starting date:: You can enroll and start the course any Monday between September 7 and July 23.
  • Duration: 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Schedule: 4 hours / day. 10 am – 2:30 pm, with a 30 min lunch break.

Proprietary Methodology

  • Task Based Language Learning:Consisting in the real use of the language by exposing the student to real contexts where the language learnt can be put into practice.
  • Flipped Classroom methodologies
  • Complementary Digital Learning Resources available.

Course rates:

  • 1 week : 170€ / week
  • 2 weeks: 160€ / week
  • 3 weeks: 130€ / week

Online Courses


  • Personalized Course
  • Age: 17 years old and up.
  • Levels: Beginner (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1)
  • Starting date:You can enroll at any time.
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Schedule: You choose your timetable.

Proprietary Methodology

  • Learn on our Online Site, with no time limits.Progress at your own pace.
  • Activities designed to practice every skill:Oral production and comprehension, writing and reading, grammar & vocabulary.
  • Speaking Practice: weekly 20 min. videoconference session. Schedule to be agreed on between the students and the teacher.
  • Tutorial Session: You will be assigned a tutor that will guide you, encourage you and help you with doubts.

Course rates:

9 month course: 1460€

Spanish for Companies

We offer tailored solutions to every problem

  • Planes de formación multimetodológicos adaptados a las necesidades de cada empresa.
  • Itinerarios personalizados para expatriados.
  • We use LINGUATEST our own proprietary Online Placement Test Platform to ensure accuracy when assigning levels. LINGUATEST is adapted to the official MCER levels based on the different professional competences.
  • LINGUACAMPUS, is the digital ecosystem adapted to FUNDAE requirements in order to comply with the official guidelines for Online Training at companies.
  • Guidance on the management of public funding from FUNDAE.
  • LINGUATRACK. Our proprietary monitoring tool that allows us to track every aspect of the course in real time.
  • Individualized follow-up in the tutorial sessions where tutors will encourage students and help them to take full advantage of the courses.
  • In-house IT team for the development and correct functioning of the digital tools.

Course Content

the following levels are offered in every learning format


  • Start to speak in Spanish
  • Express immediate needs in the present
  • Understand common idioms
  • Describe the environment using easy terms
  • have short conversations about everyday and personal aspects
  • write simple texts
  • Describe past actions


  • Personal pronouns
  • Demonstratives
  • Articles
  • To be verbs (“ser o estar”)
  • Present indicative
  • Past simple (“pretérito indefinido”)
  • Introduction to the future
  • Irregular verbs in the past
  • Past Imperfect (“pretérito imperfecto”)
  • Uses of the infinitive
  • Exclamatory sentences
  • Basic impersonal uses
  • Fluency and socializing in Spanish
  • Idioms
  • Express need
  • Ask for permission, and make inquiries.
  • word stress and intonation
  • Basic rules of accentuation
  • Basic quantifiers


  • Read easy informative texts
  • Read easy literary texts
  • write emails and compositions about everyday aspects
  • Have conversations suing both the past and future tenses.
  • Give detailed information on everyday and personal topics.
  • Express oneself fluently enough to get the point across clearly.
  • Start to have longer conversations on specific topics


  • Cause and effect
  • Probability
  • Express feelings and sensations
  • Describe a place in detail
  • Describe people physically and their character.
  • All past indicative tenses
  • Verbs like “gustar”
  • Verbs with preposition
  • Present Subjunctive
  • Discursive connectors
  • Quantifiers
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Express pros and cons
  • Ask for appointments and arrange timetables.
  • Write a review
  • Argumentative connectors
  • basic indirect style
  • Impersonal structures
  • Speculate about the future
  • First conditionals
  • Explain linguistic content

– Discuss and defend viewpoints
– Learn and use idiomatic expressions
– Read easy informational, literary or technical documents.
– Learn about the different varieties of Spanish and their origin.
– Be able to speak on the phone about common or technical topics
– Ask for detailed information and then explain it to a third party.

– Use of prefixes and suffixes
– doble gender adjectives
– Morphology of the indicative verbs
– Second and third conditionals. The use of the subjuntive for past hypothesis.
– Social standards, social behaviour and taboos in Spanish speaking countries.
– Persuade and convince
– Oral and written registers
– Good definitions
– Make polite suggestions
– Uses of the imperfect subjunctive
– Advanced reported speech: tense changes.
– Subordinate sentences
– Use of “lo” + adjective.
– Impersonal language
– How to use the participle and the gerund
– Common erros and dialectical accepted uses..

Our School in Bilbao

MondragonLingua Bilbao is an ample Language School located in Downtown Bilbao incredibly well connected by train, metro and bus. the 350 sq. meters are divided into 5 classrooms, offices for the administrators, a teachers’ lounge, computer stations, library and a very comforatable open space for chilling between classes. Strong WiFi connection is available in the school.


Blas de Otero University Dormitories

Walking distance to MondragonLingua/ Excellent location / Very centric/ Study rooms / GYM / individual and double studios/ Studios with kitchen/ ResaHub Activity Program/ Front desk and concierge service / Open all year round / WiFi

Dorms with Individual ensuite rooms.

Approximate rates:

  • 50€ / day
  • 700€ / month

Cultural Program

Our School organizes a range of cultural activities that will allow you to enjoy the local culture and gastronomy, as well as practice your Spanish outside the classroom. Some examples:

Free Activities

  • Visit the Old Town
  • Visit the surroundings of the Guggenheim Museum
  • And afternoon at Ereaga Beach
  • An afternoon at Mount Artxanda. Funicular ride
  • The Fine Arts Museum
  • Visit the famous Arabian Room at the City Hall. of Bilbao
  • Basque Museum
  • Santiago Cathedral and Basilica of Begona
  • Live Music; BilboRock
  • Coppola,
  • Maritime Museum
  • Alhóndiga; Exhibits
  • Arriaga Theater; visit

Paid activities

  • Guggenheim museum
  • Theaters
  • Escape Room
  • Vizcaya Transporter Bridge
  • Bilbao BBK Live Music Festival
  • Day-trip to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (a.k.a “Dragonstone” in Game of Thrones).
  • Day-trip to San Sebastian
  • Day trip to a Rioja Winery
  • Day-trip to Vitoria

Come to Bilbao!

In recent years Bilbao has become one of Spain’s main touristic destinations In recent years Bilbao has become one of Spain’s main touristic destinations. Awarded as “BEST EUROPEAN CITY 2018” by the international organization “The Academy of Urbanism”, Bilbao’s architecture showcases a perfect mix between traditional styles and avant-garde buildings by world renowned architects such as Gehry, Foster, Calatrava, Moneo, Pelli and so many others.
Arts and culture is now one of Bilbao’s main attractions thanks to the Guggenheim Museum, The Fine Arts museum and the unparalleled music agenda both for classical and contemporary music.
Bilbao’s internationally awarded gastronomy, with its restaurants and a thriving bar scene give the city that characteristic vivid and cheerful vibe.
In Addition, the city’s extraordinary location, just 15 kilometers away from the beaches and all the surrounding mountains make Bilbao ideal for practicing outdoor sports.

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