English course for children 3 to 6 years of age.

They'll learn English while having fun with the Jolly Phonics pronunciation method.


SuperKids.Is a service aimed to kids starting at the age of 3. It is based on four key pillars: students, instructors, methodology and sessions.

The child takes center stage.

SuperKids places the focus on the child, making him or her the main player in the learning process. The instructors, professionals specialized in early childhood education who undergo constant training, will apply a methodology tested in the United Kingdom, which is producing very good results. It encourageslearning through play,using the JollyPhonics and JungleFun methods.

JollyPhonics is a method that teaches the sounds using a multisensory approach, promoting a learning process that is simple, quick and natural. The result is that the children learn to speak naturally.

Likewise, JungleFun is a method based on oral comprehension and expression. It relies on digital resources, activities both inside and outside the classroom, songs, videos, stories, plays, etc.… and all in sessions structured and adapted to the children.

The course includes:

  • 1 hour of Superkids per week
  • 2 Superkids Parent Day sessions, providing advice and support to parents on how to practice at home.
  • A minimum of two Superkids Open Days for children at Christmas and during Holy Week, with thematic workshops in English, that the kids can attend with their friends.
  • Superkids Material that they can take home at the end of the course
  • Superkids Film Festival
  • SuperkidsTheatre Show, theater in English for kids.
  • Superkids End-of-Year Festival, in which the parents also participate.
  • SuperkidsFamilyCommunication, regular graphic communication with families through the blog and our new website.


4, Álava Avenue

20500, Arrasate - Mondragón

Tel. 943712055

mail: mlarrasate@mondragonlingua.com

11, Sanchez Toca Street

20006, Donostia - San Sebastián

Tel. 943433102

mail: mldonostia@mondragonlingua.com


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