Blended-learning English course

Learn English in a blended learning course that combines an online program with classes in a classroom setting at our centers or via Skype.


The blended learning English course makes use of the ML+ System, which combines an online program with oral practice sessions in a classroom setting or by Skype, which allows you to study without any time limitations and attend classes whenever is best for you, wherever you are.
The online program is backed by Mondragón University and offers different types of courses; General English, Business English and Travel English.
The online course is combined with 2 oral practice sessions every week, either in a classroom setting or by Skype, for levels A1 to C1. The classroom-based classes are focused primarily on oral communication in small groups.
A maximum of 2 students take part in the Skype sessions, which last for 20 minutes. At the end of each session, you will receive feedback on your mistakes and what you did well during the chat.
The classes are modular, each with a specific objective. This way, if you cannot attend class one day, you don’t fall behind in the course.
You can also request a pause in the course of between 15 days and 2 months if for any reason you cannot attend class for an extended period of time.
In addition, you will have the support of a tutor who will advise you and answer any questions you might have during the course, as well as different instructors with whom you’ll relax and speak English effortlessly.
You can start whenever you want, once you have taken a written and an oral exam to find out your starting level.
What’s more, MondragonLingua offers you the guarantee of extending your course until you reach your goal if you have not been able to do so within the established time, in spite of having dedicated the required studying time.




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